by Lauren Fellers

Starting a new business is no easy feat. The funding, legal resources, knowledge base, and connections needed to get a start-up off the ground can be a big barrier to entry for aspiring entrepreneurs.  It’s precisely because of this that the presence of organizations like the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) can be so important to making a city welcoming for start-ups.  The importance of these support structures and of the funding and networking opportunities provided by organizations like the SBDC, the SBA, One Million Cups can’t be overstated. They — and a large number of other groups in the Springs — help to connect new businesses with the resources (funding, knowledge, connections) that they need to succeed in those rough first years, and have helped contribute to the huge numbers of small businesses that make up Colorado Springs’ business sector today.

In discussing the growth of the small business sector and the importance of these organizations to start ups in Colorado Springs, The Gazette interviewed Rim Tech’s Sara Kinney.  Kinney talks about her own experiences with the challenges of founding Rim Tech in 2010 and gives a shout out to the SBDC and PTAC (Procurement Technical Assistance Center, which deals with government contracting) for helping her get started when she was first creating Rim Tech as a ‘Kitchen-Table Company’. Read more below:

“There’s certainly a lot to navigate whenever you start a small business. When you’re looking to work in the (government defense contract) sector, regulatory compliance and security is a huge part of your job as a business owner.”