by Lauren Fellers

Rim Technologies was pleased to participate in the US Air Force Academy’s (USAFA) CyberWorx program this week. CyberWorx is designed to promote collaboration between USAFA, cadets, professors, and local industry on issues related to cyber. All of this week’s design thinking sessions, which run from October 31st – November 4th, were co-hosted by USAFA and C-TRAC. They focus on the topic of “21st Century Cyber Training,” inviting participants to work together to develop ideas about how to update and improve training models in the field of cybersecurity. We were excited to bring our expertise to the conversation for the first session on the 31st. We were able to work together with individuals from businesses such as Spark Mindset, Fourth Axis Games, and Exostrategies, pictured below with Rim Tech CEO Sara Kinney. Together with representatives from the military and academia we are innovating solutions to cyber problems facing the Air Force right now.


Sara Kinney with representatives from Spark Mindset (Lawrence Wagner), nestCARE (Micki Cockrille), Peak Social Insights (Taylor Rodriguez), Fourth Axis Games (Ricky Davis), Andrew Vance Consulting (Drew Vance), and Exostrategies (Justin Otis) at the CyberWorx design thinking session October 31st.