Rim Technologies recently welcomed Thomas Webster as part of our Hiring Our Heroes cohort this year. You may have seen our previous post on another member of the cohort, Megan Missick. Today we would like to share his story with you. 

Thomas graduated from UCCS with a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Study and Physical Geography. He has experience as a Sediment and Erosion control Officer at the GA State Soil and Water Conservation Commission, as well as 15 years as a CH47-D/F Chinook Pilot in the Army, where he was an Aviation Mission Survivability Officer / Personnel Recovery Officer. He was also the primary instructor at the Warrant Officer Career College, where he trained over 2100 future leaders. Thomas has been stationed across the U.S. and overseas, as well as being deployed to Haiti, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

“I am looking to gain knowledge of how my military experience can translate to corporate world,” Thomas said. “I heard about Hiring Our Heroes at the Ft. Carson Transitions office. I truly believe this program will be essential to my successful transition from Military life to the civilian sector. Rim Tech and Sara [Kinney] are providing mentorship and tools that have shaped how I approach job searching and resume building.”

Thomas is pursuing a position as a project manager, and his primary interest is in DOD, DOS, and environmental positions.

“I have been a ‘military’ project manager for over 15 years and absolutely love working with people on challenging issues to reach a desired outcome,” Thomas said.

Thomas began his fellowship in August and will be with us for 12 weeks as he completes the Corporate Fellowship Program.The program offers classroom and on-the-job training with participating companies such as Rim Technologies to help transitioning service members plan their move into the private sector.

“RIMTECH has fully embraced the Hiring Our Heroes mission and has created a challenging but sustainable program with a reachable goal,” Thomas said. “I know that if we stick to [Sara Kinney’s] plan we all will find great jobs in the areas that interest us.”

Like Megan Missick, Thomas will be working on streamlining staffing processes at Rim Technologies in the coming weeks as he continues to pursue his new career and develop his job searching skill-set. Welcome, Thomas!