Recently we’ve been writing about our fantastic Hiring Our Heroes cohort (see our previous posts in the series). The Hiring Our Heroes Corporate Fellowship program places transitioning military with partner companies to help with their job search. Today we’d like to introduce you to Nate Woodson, one of our four fellows.
Nate is currently transitioning out of the United States Army, where he served as a Senior Technical Advisor (Targeting Officer) in areas such as strategic planning, project and operations management, intelligence, targeting and target acquisitions, radar planning, operations and maintenance.  He plans to leverage his extensive experience as he moves into his new career.
“I have led and designed strategies at the tactical, operational and strategic level,” Nate said. “I am a process-oriented individual who is always looking for ways to maximize efficiency and better the organization. I am currently interested in positions in the area of intelligence (targeting), radar maintenance and operations, military instructor and background investigations.”
As part of the Hiring Our Heroes program, Nate has been building his resume, working on company projects, and attending networking events. The idea is to provide fellows with mentorship and tangible experience in the private sector as they pursue their new civilian careers. 

“Currently I am working on business model canvas and resume building,” Nate said. “Rim Technologies is giving me the opportunity  to work on projects that I have not worked on in the military. It’s allowing me to see what jobs align with my many years in the military and what jobs are not a good fit.  Conducting my fellowship with RIMTECH, I am looking meet the community, build resumes that will get to home base, and ultimately find the right job for my skill-set, so that it’s a win for me and the company that I will work for.”

We are looking forward to working with Nate over the course of the 12-week program. Welcome, Nate!

Nate Woodson - Hiring Our Heroes