Rim Technologies CEO Sara Kinney went to Mt. Carmel Center of Excellence last week on Friday, June 9th, to do mock interviews. Mt. Carmel is a non-profit dedicated to helping veterans in areas such as counseling, benefits analysis, and finding employment as they transition into the civilian workforce.

Kinney, herself a veteran, is passionate about helping fellow veterans succeed. “We want to invest in the success of those who have served. That means providing veterans with the resources they need for advancement in education, employment, and beyond,” Kinney said.

At the mock interview session, over 16 different employers participated and around 20-25 candidates joined in. Sessions like these help participants prepare for the interview process with real local employers, giving them practical experience and introducing them to businesses in the area. We were glad to take part in this event and will always work to support our veterans. If you’re interested in learning more about Mt. Carmel’s resources or contributing to their cause, visit their website at http://mtcarmelveterans.org.