Techstars Startup Weekend Colorado Springs was this past weekend, November 10 – 12. At this ambitious event, which took place at Epicentral Coworking, participants have 52 hours to build and launch a business from the ground up. They work with a team, share their skills, learn from mentors, and pitch their final idea. Rim Technologies CEO Sara Kinney was a judge at the event, alongside Jan Horsfall (CEO Maxletics Corporation) and Becca Williams (Scrum Master, Coda Global).

“It was an honor to be a judge for Startup Weekend alongside Jan and Becca,” Sara Kinney said. “They are both very successful startup entrepreneurs who have grown their companies to million dollar businesses.”

Justin Hein and Chris Franz took pride in organizing and running the event. Michelle Parvinrouh, Executive Director of Peak Startup, and Program Assistant Jessica Valvo, put in hard work to put the event together and ensure that it ran as smoothly as it did.

Techstars Startup Weekend is a global event, and this is the second year one has been held in Colorado Springs. There were six teams competing: Linted, Wake Up, Field Trip, Colorado Compost Recyclers, Sharky, and Routly.

“It was a tough call, because all of the teams had compelling go to market,” Sara Kinney said.

In the end, the winning pitch was by the team Linted. Linted won Startup Weekend with their pitch of recycling lint into usable material. You can see pictures of the participating teams below.

Startup Weekend was a wonderful opportunity to promote entrepreneurship and build the startup community in Colorado Springs.

“Linted,” the winning pitch at Startup Weekend.

“Routly” at Startup Weekend.

The “Field Trip” Team at Startup Weekend on Nov. 12.


Launch High School students, who formed the company “Wake Up.”