DEFx Colorado: Innovation at Elevation met at the US  Air Force Academy on August 12. The event was organized by the Defense Entrepreneurs Forum, a non-profit group that brings together Defense professionals and works to promote innovation in the field. DEFx Colorado Springs was a TED-style event that featured speakers as diverse as CyberWorx Director Col Jeffrey Collins, who spoke about the goal of CyberWorx and its Design Sprints, Darren Halford, the Executive Director of Hacking for Defense Incorporated (H4Di), who lectured on the practical applications of Lean Startup principles, and Rim Technologies CEO and Founder Sara Kinney, who spoke about her experiences on the Defense Intrapreneurs Panel. The event brought together a wide range of professionals from the military, the private sector, and academia alike to discuss innovative problem-solving strategies in Defense. DEF holds monthly meetings in Colorado Springs, so if you’re interested in learning more about the organization or simply to meet with military and civilian innovators, consider attending a Colorado Springs Drink & Think: We were pleased to take part in the inaugural DEFx Colorado this year, and we look forward to future events.

Rim Technologies CEO Sara Kinney with Karri Palmetier of Palmetier Law at DEFx Colorado on August 12, 2017.