RIMTECH is a client for UCCS’s Bachelor of Innovation program (Fall 2017) Bachelor of Innovation™ Teams Classes at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS). It is an interdisciplinary program that brings in students from concentrations as diverse as art, science, and technology to work on projects with real companies. “The Bachelor of Innovation is a unique, industry-leading program where students develop their skills through hands-on projects, overcoming challenges to deliver results in one semester,” said Rim Technologies CEO and Founder Sara Kinney. Our team’s students are currently working on uploading cyber education modules to Rim Technologies’ Cyber Mission Force One, a next-generation cyber training platform that combines the best training that industry-leading companies and organizations have to offer. Last spring an MLU was signed between Space Foundation and Rim Technologies to collaborate to provide this content and expand the reach of Space Foundation’s educational and training programs, as well as to create a sustainable way of developing new content for teacher development as well as future space explorer engagement.

Earlier this October, Sara Kinney accompanied the students from the Bachelor of Innovation program on a meeting at the Space Foundation to begin work on the project. The six UCCS students learned about Space Foundation’s mission and were given a tour by Bryan DeBates, Vice President of Education for Space Foundation. The group was able to see and learn about new exhibits, the operations room, and a rover that DeBates designed, among many other highlights. It was a great chance for students to charge of the project and learn more about the work they are doing. Having learned more about the background for Space Foundation and the training they are working on, the team then held a meeting with the Space Foundation about their Bachelor of Innovation project. “This advances the partnership with Space Foundation to begin the process of making cyber training modules electronically available on a global scale,” Kinney said. In the coming months, students will continue to add modules to Cyber Mission Force One.