by Lauren Fellers


This week we’d like to introduce you to one stand-out veteran job-seeker: Adam Marcinkowski. Adam is part of our Service Enabled, Mission Focused program, which is designed to help transitioning veterans with their job search in a variety of ways.

Rim Tech is a veteran-owned company, and we’re invested in helping veterans find meaningful careers. First, the program helps participants to establish realistic career goals, to identify gaps in their skillset (and to identify free or reduced-cost training to fill those gaps), to optimize their resume, and to begin the job search fully prepared. At that point, we provide a career wingman to help veterans navigate the process, from introducing them to business contacts to giving interview advice. In addition, we use big data analytics to search smarter, helping participants find opportunities quickly and more efficiently than before.

Adam is a cadet at the Air Force Academy with a background in psychology, marketing and strategic communications looking to build on the research he has worked on at USAFA. In January he is set to continue pursuing his combined undergraduate/Masters in either Geophysics or Aerospace Engineering.

In the long-term, Adam would like to begin working in the space industries, specifically lunar/asteroid mining and on-orbit construction. At the moment he is looking for an internship to support that goal in areas such as additive manufacturing, launch services, satellite ops, robotics, space mining, or space manufacturing. He is also open to opportunities that would allow him to continue building on his skillset in marketing and advertising.

Adam is accomplished both in the field of marketing and academically. In 2015, he interned for 8 weeks as a Product Operations Intern at Facebook Inc.’s headquarters in Menlo Park, CA. Adam built a 60-page Social Media Guide for Air Force Senior Leaders; studied organizational innovation at Facebook, Google, and Tesla Motors; and developed tools to “make big data user-friendly.”

He was able to demonstrate his leadership abilities as a Regional Finalist at P2P: Challenging Violent Extremism competition in April of 2016. Adam co-led a team who developed a way to leverage social media and public-private partnerships to combat homegrown violent extremism online.

In January of 2016 he won the Thomas D. Moore Award for Outstanding Summer Research, Social Sciences Division. The award is presented to the outstanding cadet and faculty researcher in his or her field. Adam’s was awarded for research begun in Silicon Valley, continued through the special topics course Innovation in Government, and later published in Checkpoints Magazine, a publication of the USAFA Association of Graduates.

Adam has strong communication skills and has been a Cadet Representative at the USAFA/DHS Center of Innovation (COI) since August 2015. Adam represented the COI by giving briefings to visiting Congressional and Secretarial delegations, organized a wing-wide “social media event,” and recruited 10 cadets for summer research in Silicon Valley. Additionally, he successfully secured $50,000 additional funding for cadet research through a presentation to the Secretary of Homeland Security. The Center of Innovation is a joint USAF-DHS technology transfer office that handles $3-4 million a year.

If you’re interested in speaking with Adam, please get in touch with us at or by phone at 719-332-0423.